Monday, December 8, 2008


According to the UK site Digital Spy, and many other American sites, Beyonce donated her salary from the movie "Cadillac Records", in theaters now, to the Phoenix House drug rehabilitation center in New York.

"BeyoncĂ© has donated her pay cheque from new movie Cadillac Records to a drug rehabilitation centre.

The singer visited New York's Phoenix House to research her role of Etta James, who battled a heroin addiction.

The star was moved to tears after meeting with six African-American women who were at the substance abuse charity.

Darnell Martin, director of the movie, confirmed that Beyoncé would be donating her pay cheque to the charity."

What doesn't this girl do? I think it's amazing for her to do this - seeing as she must have made a load of money from that movie. Many always see Beyonce as a diva but even she hasn't publicized this. Her mother Tina Knowles did in an interview to show examples of what Beyonce does for others but aren't mentioned in the media.

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